My project will "begin" on 12/15: I'll take pictures and do fiscal inventory on everything I have and/ or use which has to do with maintaining my physical appearance, on a daily basis, until 1/1/11. I'll also document the time I spend daily getting ready for the day or getting ready for bed. This will start on 12/15 for two reasons. One, I really don't do all too many things differently from day to day (and the fancy-schmancy days over the holidays will be inventoried over this two-week period anyway); and two, finals are coming and I have a crapton of work to do. I can't let myself get distracted with starting a new project right now, and I'm really tempted to.

BUT. On 1/1/11, here are the rules I'm thinking about adhering to, along with the internal voices of resistance that cry out at each one:

1) No makeup of any kind. Not even powder. (Ohhhh, shit. But what about my bad skin and undereye bags?)
2) Hair covered at all times. Neck optional. (But I look so CUTE with this haircut! People like me because I have red hair! Awwww.)
3) Arms and legs covered at all times with non-form-fitting material (like skirts and loose pants). Covered past elbows and past mid-calf.
4) Jewelry is allowed, but it should be practical, like a silver necklace or a watch.
5) Nothing so fitted that I feel like I have to suck in my tummy. An item can be cut in a flattering way, but it can't be tight or let me worry about any imperfections I might be showing (like muffin-top). If I have to sit or stand funny to look good in it, I'm not wearin' it. (But what about that gray dress?? I look so HOT in that...)
6) No nail polish. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

More rules as they trickle through my very resistant subconscious.

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