These are my pre-TME clothes.

I have no idea just how much they've all cost me, but I'm still in the process of clearing out the clothes I won't be wearing. I'll post pics again once I'm done with the clearing. (Turns out that when one is in grad school, one's time and energy are perpetually depleted. ?!?!) Every time I do laundry I think, "Where the hell am I going to put all this crap? I have got to give away some of this." But then I try, and I can't seem to force myself to. And so, I wear a third of what I have, and the rest is stuffed into someplace to take up space and fill one more box when I have to move. 
My closet #1

Same closet, different angle

All these drawers are packed. Note the willy-nilly stuff on top.


More jammies. (I love jammies.)

Laundry, not included in previous shots. 

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