Two items, one advertisement

I like to watch commercials and try to pick out what they say they're selling (which is "unnecessary in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word," like a Swiffer) vs. what they're really trying to sell (things that can't be sold, bought or otherwise possessed, like a happy home). For example, I got this in my inbox today:

I tried to get a screen shot of the ad because it's so striking that you almost ignore the lunacy of the claim they're making, but I don't have the copyright. 

But... meaningful... beauty? 

It's a little ludicrous, isn't it? Equate something trivial with something truly vital and, POOF! Something trivial now seems vital! It makes watching commercials really funny, like, Hershey's chocolate can give you a better relationship with your daughter! These random lumps of chicken flesh will make your kid like you more! This vodka makes you more tolerable to look at (or makes beautiful women want you)! 

Try it, and I guarantee you'll have more fun tonight when you have to sit through commercial breaks.

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