Shameless plug

I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but: I need a job. Do you know anyone who is hiring?

I have experience in customer service (3 yrs), hospitality (1 yr), professional cleaning (2 yrs), media (4 yrs), administrative support (2 yrs), copywriting/ editing (1 yr), and various and sundry temp jobs. I'm in seminary, so social justice/ church-related work is ideal. I also read Tarot cards and do dream interpretation, and I do parties with this skill for $30/ hr. (I'm not psychic, just perceptive-- I can't tell your future, but you'll be surprised by what I can tell you.)

Email me, please, if you know of anyone who is looking to hire someone like me. Lots of work experience and energy, and I know how to behave professionally (I even have suits. Oh yes.).

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  1. have you tried a temp agency?
    If I were rich, I would totally hire you to sing for me :D