The End of the Blog, the Beginning of the Book

Well guys, it's been awesome. You've really kept me accountable, and the encouragement of seeing people's comments and looking at the visitor count on my Stats page helped me to complete this project and not wuss out (especially when I was trying to meet boys).

This post is to officially close the BLOG, but I'm working on a book about this. There is a tremendous amount of interest in this project, and I have a tremendous amount of passion for it-- and where the world's needs and your gifts intersect, the universe is pointing out your path! Also, I want to do this now, while the Experiment is still fresh in my mind. Who knows how this'll turn out, but I feel like I should do the work of attempting to synthesize all of this.

Thanks again for all your support, both online and in person (I'm talking to you, Candler peeps and various friends and family!). Remember:

True story.

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