Since the 15th...

Time: 15 minutes.
Products: Neutrogena Body Wash, Neutrogena SPF 70, Almay Clear Complexion concealer, Sephora Mascara
Event: Meeting with friend, then errands. Wore hat.

Time: 10 Minutes
Products: N.B.W., Pantene Pro-V Color Preserving Shampoo, SPF 70
Event: Travel. Lots and lots of travel. Definitely wore hat.

Time: 20 minutes.
Products: Same as 12/15, but including Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer, Tarte Cheek Stain.
Event: Movie, dinner, dancing with my boyfriend.

Tonight: Parties! I'll update how long it took me and stuff tomorrow, but I anticipate it taking awhile cause Significant Other (forthwith to be referred to as M.F., "My Fella")'s friends and stuff will be there and I'll want to look polished. Sunday, I get to meet his family!... And there is no way in hell I'm going there NOT looking my best.

I haven't actually been wearing as much makeup and spending as much time as I usually do on hair and stuff these last few days because I've been with MF. MF is the wonderful man who regularly told me he thought I was prettier without makeup, and this led to my considering going without, which led to my panicking about it, which led to me going, "WHOA I'm scared of that. I wonder why?"

Being around someone who has not only seen me in the morning and on my worst skin days, but also actively prefers me bare-faced, makes me much less concerned about wearing makeup. This isn't to say that MF and I have some magical relationship where physical appearance doesn't matter-- in fact, he first made contact with me by leaving a comment on a photo of me on a friend's Facebook page telling me how beautiful I was, and when that photo was taken I was definitely in full-on done-up mode. But... meh. Now I find myself not wearing makeup because he likes me better that way. I wonder what that means? I'd like to expound upon that, but the party is at seven and I need at LEAST two hours to get ready.


Sort of.

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