I cry. A little.

So, the day has arrived. My last hurrah, last night at the New Year's Eve dance at Lindy Focus (http://www.lindyfocus.com/) with MF:

Forties makeup (red lipstick, heavy eyeliner, eyeshadow, heavy powder, blush), swing dress, complicated stockings and underpants, "done" hair: one hour. Also, things were shaved. It was epic.

The next day (now):
Sigh. When I looked in the mirror at the chocolate place my amazing boyf took me to, I thought, "I don't look so bad." Still, I'm not counting on feeling very attractive for the next few weeks, at least until I get used to this. Fortunately, Pizza Hut breadsticks are on the way. And that makes me feel a little better.


  1. love the top pic! you two are super adorable, this pic should be framed and placed in a prominent place in your home.

    also, i love the bottom pic. this is who you are, and your fans like you for that. cheers!

  2. I like the bottom photo, you look "real". I'd pick the lower one over the top one any day. There are not many people that can look beautiful with no effort. You are one of them. Be grateful!